Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011--Off to Brittany

We arrived early in Rennes on a day with rain on and off.  We had read a description of the city that was less than flattering, complaining about its mix of architectural styles.  Some of this was due to bombing during WWII, but there is still plenty of the old city and some gorgeous sections.  

This is the capital of Brittany, on the northwest corner of the nation.  We chose this city because of its proximity to Mont St. Michel, which I really wanted to see (ex-Catholics will never pass up a cathedral or religious site).  We unloaded our gear in our hotel and set off to see what we could see.

We wandered around and finally discover the tourist office, and then Mary wanted something to eat.  We searched, we searched, we searched--nothing attracted her.  Finally when she made a decision, all restaurants were closed for the afternoon.  After  a sandwich and brief rest, we headed off on a historic walk.  

St. Pierre Cathedral

Places des Lices


Hotel de Blossac

Opera house

Parliament of Brittany

St. Melaine Abbey

Hotel de Ville

Lycee Emile Zola

St. Georges public swimming pools

The walk was interesting and introduced us to many of the pleasures of the city, but once again frustration--lost, lost, lost.  We got so turned around that our hike back to the hotel, in the rain, became a huge frustration.  We were sources of genuine puzzlement to locals when we asked how to get down to the station.  Les americaines--sacre bleu!!!!

lost walk home in rain

That night we dined at a restaurant near our hotel that specialized in crepes and gallettes, which we had and which were fantastic.

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  1. Have you discovered the difference between a crepe and a gallette yet?