Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bonjour Paris

The flight was fine, an extraordinary admission given all that I dreaded might go awry--missed connection, lost luggage, no sleep, armrest thief sitting beside me, etc.  The in-flight movies were junk, but somehow I managed to sleep a bit, which I never do, and when we arrived, the shuttle was waiting and we entered the city rather quickly.  We stayed up over 30 hours in order to reduce jet lag and get on some semi-normal sleep schedule, and it worked.  That first day we spent chatting with our landlord, shopping for food and wine (quelle surprise!), and made a trek over to my favorite park, Place des Vosges (Annie, have you ever been to the Place des Vosges?).

Yesterday we strolled around our neighborhood in the Marais, walked both islands, and then wandered in the Left Bank.  Rain threatened but never materialized, and Mary found her favorite scarf shop and snagged some gems (this is at least her fifth or sixth visit (I am of course underestimating) in the last three tips).  We wandered by the Cluny museum, which is wonderful, saw some streets that still had Christmas lights, and decided to return at night.  On our way back to the apartment, Mary stopped to see her favorite merchant and informed me that she wants to bear Paul's child (see below her overwhelming joy at being in Paul's presence once more).

After resting up, we returned to the Left Bank at night in what began as a drizzle and turned into a downpour.  I'm posting some pictures of those first outings.

Notre Dame at night in the rain

Hotel de Ville

street in Left Bank taken from Seine

Mary's one and only (notice man, horrified, running from Mary with baguette in one hand and water in another)

Morris kiosk, Left Bank

Christmas lights in the left Bank

lights near Hotel de Ville

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  1. Don't feel bad Paris, my whole Christmas tree is still up after Hawaii.