Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011--We're Pooped!

Worn out from yesterday's marvels, we pledged to take it easy today.

Mary began working on her blog at 7:30 am and continued on and off until 5:30 pm.  I have before and after photos but am enjoined from posting them without her "majesty's" approval.  Such was not granted for either.  Suffice it to say, her blogging has met challenges.  Those seeking those pix must contact me surreptitiously, and I will then attach to emails (but you are sworn to silence)!  Whoa, stop the madness, her majesty just gave approval to post these--I think a second glass of wine turned the trick!

Mary begins her day ever hopeful she can finish her blog--7:30am

oops, the day drags on and her visage changes significantly--5:30 pm

We finally went out to do some grocery (and, yes, wine--wine is the best, I mean best, value here) shopping and retraced some of our steps from yesterday to get photos of overlooked sites.  These included the exterior of Hotel Beauvais.  As I was doing so, the kind man in the foreground offered to take us inside to the courtyard.  See once more, my post about effete Parisians--I still haven't encountered them.  I am a nearly thorough Francophile--I love this place and am fond of these people!

Hotel Beauvais with new friend--bonjour, Monsieur

I also made a point of capturing the entrance to St. Paul, which is magisterial.

St. Paul

We also went back to Hotel de Sully to get that courtyard.

courtyard Hotel de Sully

From Sully one can wander into Place des Vosges (Annie, Maggie--have you gone to Place des Vosges?), and we strolled through the passages there and then walked out onto yet another grand street, Boulevard Beaumarche.

passage Place des Vosges

Blvd Beaumarchais

Home and resting up for our first train outing to Strasbourg tomorrow.

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