Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011--Long Walk

The weather was overcast and our apartment had to cleaned, so we cleared out early and walked down to the Louvre for more pictures and then all the way down to Eiffel Tower.  On the way home we were twice approached with the lost ring scam, whereby a gypsy woman reaches down, appears to pick up a gold ring and then offers it to a pigeon like me.  Mary smelled it out immediately and hustled me off.  Here are some of our shots.

Louvre fountain

Louvre pyramids

Mary and guess who

trees in Tuileries

ferris wheel in Tuileries

Before leaving Sac, I ran into one of the owners of the Perry Creek Winery, and he asked me to bring in some photos of the trip when I next visit the tasting room.  I decided to photograph one of his wines in various Parisian locations.

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