Friday, January 28, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011--Versailles

We have lost track of time, so when Tuesday appeared, overcast but largely dry, we decided to head out to Versailles, or it wouldn't happen.  We're glad we did.  As usual, Mary masterfully engineered out travel outside town (without this computer we'd be sunk), and we arrived at the palace gates around 11:00 or so.

come on in, we have some room

you can get in, but can you get out

The place is immense and the opulence is staggering; however, that did not deter Mary from deciding that our home remodel needs a theme and Versailles is it for her.  See below some of her ides.

a room, she says, should make a statement--notice she's taking notes

it should have a focal point

it should have its own color scheme and be well-lit

it should also have a comfortable place to entertain

it also needs a unique treatment over the fireplace

I just want a humble statue to show a guy lives there as well

You wander through so many rooms that trying to remember them all is impossible, so I let the pix do the talking and occasionally I remember something

chapel--everyone needs one of these

Louis XIV's bedroom, where the royal undershirts were regularly changed due to excessive sweat

queen's bedroom

Mary thinks my study needs a face lift

The Hall of Mirrors, as everyone knows is the grand spectacle and it has been beautifully restored.  30 years ago this was a shabby spectacle but today it overwhelms.

Hall of Mirrors

We then walked the grounds and I include that jaunt in a separate post.

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