Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011--Canal Walk

Feeling a little worn out, we decided to take a walk along the Parisian canals.  After  metro ride (we've used the metro very, very little so far), we exited at Canal St. Martin to see the recreation of an 18th century toll house.  

Canal toll house
 As has been our practice so often, we headed off in the wrong direction, looking desperately for the lovely sights described in our guide book.  During our wrong-headed stroll I saw what appeared to be tiny blossoms blowing about--wrong--there were tiny snow flurries.  The temperature was around 35 or 36 but the weather service said it felt like 26.  We agreed.  We did pass a pretty square at Place Bitche, where I snapped these pictures.

Place Bitches

street mural

Realizing our error, we retraced our steps and moved on in the correct direction, seeing a number locks and the array of lovely wrought-iron pedestrian bridges.  It was  long walk all the way back to Place de la Bastille and home.  It was so cold and we were so tired, we called it a day until we went out to dinner in the neighborhood.

canal pedestrian walk

pavilion canal park

canal bistro

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