Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011--Out to La Defense

We slept in late and got a slow start, but decided to walk down to Maggie's old neighborhood (the place she lived when she was a student here 4 years ago) to find an Italian food store, where we got some excellent ravioli for dinner.  On the walk home, it began to drizzle.

After lunch we went out to La Defense, the most modern area of Paris, known as the "peitte Manhattan," the center of modern Paris business .  The place is full of skyscrapers one will not find elsewhere in the capitol, and each of the buildings, while thoroughly modern, is unique.  The place is identified by Le Grande Arche de la Fraternitie, a modern arch that can be seen from the top of the Arc de Triomph (you can see the Arc in my final pictures).  The thing is larger than Notre Dame.

Le Grande Arche de la Fraternitie
We strolled through the long esplanade and saw all the buildings and the many sculptures, which the French government requires if builders intend to construct new buildings.  It was cold and wet but we enjoyed it.

who's the tourist in the right hand corner?

sculpture by Juan Miro

Arc de Triomph in far distance

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  1. How interesting. One typically doesn't see pix of the modern parts of the city. Also beautiful.